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Planning for the 50th Reunion - June 24, 2011

This page contains information and comments on this subject. We will post all comments and progress information as we receive it. If you have an idea or a way to help on this, please let us know. We will keep these first two entries at the top of this page and update it as required.


Click on the link above for directions to Domenicos, which is in the King Kullen shopping plaza. Make sure you scroll down to the bottom section (rear parking lot instructions) If you have a printer it might be a good idea to print these directions out. Helene wants to remind you that we need to use the back parking lot and enter through the rear entrance. The front entrance is the restaurant. Our section will be private and it would be inconvenient and disruptive for our group to be wandering in the front section.

Once again she requests that you arrive on time. (8:00 p.m.) The group photo will be shot whether or not everyone is there. The photographer has other jobs that evening and cannot wait around. We're hoping to get all alumni in this picture.

Of course I will be taking photos for this website but I would also welcome any pictures that you may take, which could be emailed to me after the reunion. It's almost impossible to remember to get every attendee. After a while you can't recall who you missed. So please being your camera if you have one. That way we can be sure to get shots of everyone.

Hi Marcy
Wow isn't it great. I hope more sign up. I wanted to tell the alumni that they can send table requests to my e-mail address. I will do my best to make everyone happy.
If they need to be as far away from the DJ please let me know. I will work it out. I would appreciate it if all request start as soon as you know. IF YOU DON'T HAVE A PREFERENCE I WILL SEAT EVERYONE AT A TABLE.

Thanks again Marcy for everything.

I spoke with Helene on the phone today to clarify what she is planning for our seating arrangements. She is going to do a seating chart by tables as you have all experienced at weddings. In order to make sure that you can sit with friends, you will have to email her (Heleneerb@verizon.net) or call her by cell phone (516-547-6867) to put in your requests. She also needs to know who would prefer to be away from the music. (I'm one of those folks!) and who would like seating as close as possible to the bathrooms. You can also tell her any other special needs you might have due to health issues. She stresses that your requests will be private and she will try to accommodate your wishes. She has already started this seating plan so it's important that you get your wishes to her as soon as possible. Those who don't respond will be seated by Helene. She wants you to keep in mind that this seating will be in effect for the buffet dinner, but people can mingle and sit down at other tables after the meal so you will get to talk to everyone. I know that not everyone looks at this website daily so please let your friends know to check it.


Friday June 24, 2011

Place: Domenico's Restaurant in Levittown

Time: 8 -12 PM

On each table: (red tablecloths with black napkins):
Bruschetta and stuffed mushrooms

Garden Salad dressing on the side

Rigatoni a la vodka
Eggplant Rollatini
Grilled Chicken Breast
Sole Francaise
Chicken Parmigiana
Rotini Primavera with Garlic and Oil
Roasted Potatoes

Occasion Cake
Unlimited Coffee, tea, iced tea, regular and diet soda

Cash Bar

Cost per person including food, tax, bartender & DJ: $50.00


Saturday June 25, 2011

Lunch in the LMHS lunch room!!

Domenico's will supply & deliver Pizza, wraps etc. Water & soda will also be available.

Cost per person: $12.00.

There hopefully will some nice surprises during lunch but we're still working on that.

Love Helene


Friday Dinner $50.00 per person
Saturday Luncheon $12.00 per person

LMHS 61 - 50th Reunion

Send to:
Honey Cottrell
15104 Roundup Drive
Tampa, FL 33624

Who's Coming
Alumni committed to attending our 50th reunion as of
 June 23, 2011

 As of today we have
sold 123 tickets to our 50th reunion. An X after the name indicates willingness to help, but please feel no pressure to help. We just need to get an idea of the numbers who would attend if we have one. Don't hesitate to say you aren't interested as we need to know that too.

Hello, Marcy,
I hope all is well with you and your family. I have been working through a former co-worker to try to get better rates for our reunion weekend. We have come up with the Holiday Inn in Plainview with a rate of $129.00 per night. The posted internet rate is $153.00. Our rate is based on a minimum of 10 rooms for Friday June 24 and Saturday June 25. The Holiday Inn is about 8 miles to Levittown, has a lounge and restaurant and I believe was the site of our 20th reunion. I would like to post something on our site asking our classmates to contact Kerri Pavan (SEE BELOW) to make their reservations using "LMHS-61 Reunion" as the GROUP CODE. I have made reservations for Ronnie, Helene and myself and I believe Rheva will also stay there. I can also be contacted at lcarballo@live.com or on my cell at 954-647-1193.

Thank you for your continued assistance,
Larry Carballo

Kerri A. Pavan
Director of Sales & Marketing
Holiday Inn Plainview
215 Sunnyside Boulevard
Plainview, NY 11803
Tel: (516) 349-1240
Fax: (516) 349-7408
Email: kpavan@ablehotels.com

Alumni are listed alphabetically. Thanks.
(Newest Alumni Coming  -   Newest Alumni Paid)

Ann-Marie Adamec Coady - Paid (1) Fri & Sat
Laura Allen Lally - Paid (2) Fri & (2) for Sat
Evelyn Aloisio Gordon
- Paid (2) Fri
Andy Alweis
- Paid (1) Fri & Sat
Roger Annicelli
- Paid (2) Fri & Sat
Susan Amrhein Mulligan - Paid (1) Fri
Barbara Bockmann Ippolito - Paid (1) Fri & Sat
Jane Aste Bacon - Paid (2) Friday and Saturday

Michele Axman Kelleher - Paid (2) Fri & Sat
Richard Baltzersen - Paid (2) Fri
Arlene Brambora Campbell - Paid (1) Fri & Sat

Steve Bitel
- Paid (1) Fri & Sat
Maxine Broad Hill - Paid (2) Fri

Ernie Brodsky
- Paid (2) Fri & Sat
Larry Carballo
- Paid (2) Fri & Sat
Lou Chanin X
- Paid (1) Fri & Sat
Jeff Chasan
- Paid (1) Fri & Sat
Maria Claps Hartranft  - Paid (2) Fri
Roni Cojac Mintz X
- Paid (2) Fri & Sat
Honey Cottrell X
- Paid (2) Fri & Sat
Judy Cottrell Wolter - Paid (1) Fri & Sat
Betty Csontos Schuster
- Paid (2) Fri & Sat
Lorraine Cuomo Schibani - Paid (1) Fri & Sat
Frank Curtin
- Paid (1) Fri & Sat
Carol De Gregorio Caporale - Paid (1) Fri & Sat

Louise DeNardo Cassano
- Paid (1) Fri & Sat
Lorraine DeVito Tuzzolo
- Paid (1) Fri
Helene Doctoroff Erb X
- Paid (1) Fri & Sat
Dottie Dorsa Read
- Paid (1) Fri
Kevin & Rosemary Farrell
- Paid (2) Fri & Sat
Ginnie Faul Coolie
- Paid (1) Fri & Sat
Joan Frisch Little - Paid (1) Fri
Joan Gale Wilson - Paid (2) Fri & Sat

Joe Garofalo
- Paid (2) Fri & Sat
Jessica Joseph Gest - Paid (2) Fri & Sat
Doug Gibson - Paid (2) Fri & Sat

Andrea Gilmore Brannelly
Anne Greenblatt - Paid (1) Fri & Sat
Dee Gross King

Suzanne Handwerker Andersen - Paid (1) Fri & Sat
Al Hoppe - Paid (2) Fri

April Haglund Bardi - Paid (1) Fri & Sat
Kevin Kinnaly - Paid (1) Fri
Pat Lachat Kreiling
- Paid (1) Fri & Sat
Marilyn Lerner Workman
- Paid (1) Fri & Sat
Lou Little - Paid (1) Fri
Mary Ann Lavery Turk
- Paid (2) Fri & Sat
Bob Lent - Paid (1) Fri & Sat
Bob Levine
- Paid (2) Fri & (1) Sat

Gino Lynch
- Paid (1) Fri & Sat
Carol Lutz Smemoe
- Paid (2) Fri & Sat
Carol Manning Del Prete - Paid (2) Fri & Sat

George Martin
Rheva Mason Thomason
- Paid (2) Fri & Sat
Gerald Matis -
Marcy McNally Fall X - Paid (1) Fri & Sat
Ronnie Meringer Weisz
- Paid (2) Fri & Sat
Margaret Mennette Wares - Paid (1) Fri & Sat
Mary Mennette DeLuca
- Paid (1) Fri & Sat
Mark Michaels X
- Paid (2) Fri & Sat
Russ Mulroy X
- Paid (2) Fri & Sat
Jerry Murphy
- Paid (2) Fri & Sat
Carolyn Nelson X
- Paid (1) Fri & Sat
Barbara O'Connell Lawrence
- Paid (2) Fri
Paula O'Connor Warmuth - Paid (1) Fri & Sat
Sandy Parrish DuVall - Paid (2) Fri & Sat
Harvey Pearlstein
- Paid (1) Fri & Sat
Audrey Pettit O'Donnell
- Paid (2) Fri & Sat
Sally Pittman Smith - Paid (1) Fri

Annabelle Quigg-Wallace
- Paid (1) Fri & Sat
Steve Ross X
- Paid (2) Fri & Sat
Gloria Russo Key
- Paid (1) Fri & Sat
Toni Salometo X
- Paid (1) Fri & Sat
Vic Sassone
- Paid (2) Fri & Sat
Jo Signorelli Russin
- Paid (2) Fri
Richie Smith
- Paid (2) Fri & Sat
Stu Smith X
- Paid (2) Fri & Sat
Barbara Steinman Bengels
- Paid (2) Fri
Tom Tierney
- Paid (2) Fri & Sat
Barbara Van Valen Elsherbini
- Paid (1) Fri & Sat
Joe Vicinanza - Paid (1) Fri & Sat
Roberta Witlin Hirsh - Paid (2) Fri
Eileen Wolff Turner
- Paid (2) Fri & Sat
Toby Wolff Klausner - Paid (1) Fri

Helene wants the class to know that we have been approved for the use of the high school on the day following the reunion. The paperwork is done and we are all set. All the big jobs are complete and now we have to concentrate on building up the list of people who wish to attend. If you know you are planning on coming, but haven't signed our list, please do so now so that we can get a better idea of how many to expect. Remember that we need a minimum of 90 people.

Had so much fun on Saturday going through the website, which, I'm embarrassed to say, I haven't done in a long while. It looks great! Thanks so much to all who make it happen. I was one of the original supporters, but haven't sent a check in a while, so I'm putting one in the mail.
I'm looking forward to the 50th reunion. If there's anything I can do, please let me know. I'm only 5 minutes away from Domenico's and LMHS, which is now LMEC (Levittown Memorial Education Center).
Has anyone contacted the President of the HIstorical Society? The museum is not opened all of the time, so arrangements have to be made with her to have the museum opened. If it hasn't been done and you'd like me to call Polly Dwyer, just let me know.

Louise DeNardo Cassano

Hi Marcy,

Count me in, I'm there!! I know I'm a long way from NY, but if I can help with anything let me know.

OKAY YOU GUYS!! Murph/Irene, Kevin/Rosemary, Iris, Sue/John, Rheva, Gino, Joe Forte, Joan/Louie, Les Gross, June Francis, and especially Maddy Lennox - GET ON

Thanks to Marcy and Helene - The Best of the Best............
Ronnie Meringer Weisz

Have not taken the time to keep up with the website lately. Just did and lo and behold it's reunion time. Saw all the discussion from late last year and can see much thought has gone into this already and from afar it is appreciated of what you folks do.

Had to do some research for this but to Quote a song from 1961 by Damita Jo, "I'll Be There"

Regards to all from Arizona,

Jeff Chasan

 I received a phone call from Helene today and she wants everyone to know that all the plans have been finalized for our reunion weekend. She and Ernie Brodsky visited both Domenico's and our former school. Domenico's will be catering the school luncheon. They got permits for our use of the cafeteria and the Levittown Museum located in the basement of LMHS. The permits have to be approved, but they expect no problems with that and she will know by February 15th when the board next meets. The museum will be opening at 12:30PM. We have use of the place from 12:30 until 3:30. Everything is falling nicely into place thanks to Helene's attention to detail and prompt handling of business matters. The rest is up to us. Please take the time to let me know if you plan on going so we can sign you up on our committed list. We have to have 90 people to pull this off. The list seems to be growing daily but it would be nice to know months in advance that we have met the minimum required. Thanks.

Hi Marcy,
I want to thank, you and Helene and Honey for the amazing work on organizing our 50th reunion. But I was wondering if you all were that good in high school or like Fine Wine did you improve with AGE. I've been in touch with Roger Annicelli, and he told me that he intends to attend the reunion. I will get him to confirm that directly to you. I have a suggestion for the decoration of the room for the reunion. First keep it simple, and second I think it would be a nice tribute to our deceased classmates if we could display a photo (at least 8 X 10) of each of them with their name and date of death (if known).
Love to all,

Joe Garofalo


Just viewed the class site and am so excited that everything has been nailed down. I am sure it will be a blast and it also leaves Saturday night open for more celebrating. Many thanks to Helene for all her hard work and the icing on the cake to eat lunch in the school and tour of the museum. WOW – cannot wait!

Spreadsheet is ready to go. Guess it is a bit early – but wanted to be prepared. Will add the column for the Saturday lunch.


 I received a call from Helene today with a progress report on plans for our 50th reunion. She went to Domenico's today and put down a deposit so our date of Friday, June 24, 2011 is official. She said that we will have a private entrance to our room there that is accessible from the back parking lot. No need to walk through the restaurant to find our spot. She saw the room and said it was perfect for our needs. She picked out black and red (school colors) tablecloths and the buffet menu with choices to suit everyone. They will supply a cash bar and the bar tender. Those who chose to drink will pay for their own and can take care of tips. There is a party store in that shopping center that will be used for our decorations and balloons. There is a place for our banner to be hung and signed by all who attend. She also contacted the DJ and he has us down on his calendar.

She also got permission for us to use the former Levittown Memorial School on the day after the reunion. There will be a janitorial fee for the use of the cafeteria. The owner of Domenico's gave Helene a special rate of $5.00 for sandwich wraps at lunchtime. We can also visit the Levittown Museum in the basement of the school. Those who went there in 2005 know it is well worth the time to see this museum. Helene feels that rather than adding the cost of Saturday's outing to the reunion ticket, that it should be a separate fee paid only by those who plan to attend. That way, anyone not choosing to go will not have to pay for those who do attend. It will also give her a more accurate count on the number of sandwiches to order.

Mark your calendars now and if you haven't committed to going, do so soon.

We live in the Dallas area, but I would make every effort to attend a 50th reunion. June 24, 2011 is on hold on our calendar. I'm still working, at least for now, but I'm sure we can get away and combine the trip back with a family visit. It looks like we're getting a good list of names going. I'll keep
spreading the word to those I know of.

Vic Sassone

So great that Helene is willing to plan things. I am happy to spend whatever. The dates sound good. The only date that would be a conflict for me would be early June for Allison's college graduation.
Hope all is well... I am down in Atlanta to visit Mom, sister and nieces. Will keep in touch..
Pat Pandolfi

Hi Marcy

Count me in for the 50th. Its great fun to be with everyone.

Richie Smith

I emailed Helene to check out the price difference between Friday night and Saturday night. Her response is below. We also have a date- June 24, 2011. Is this ok with everyone? She'd like to put a deposit down by February1st and that's only three weeks away. They will save the date for us until then.

I just called and it's $4.00 a head more for the Saturday night buffet . That's not much but the big difference is that they have a 150 adults minimum guarantee as opposed to only 90 on a Friday night. If we don't get that minimum for a Saturday night, it means an additional $2100.00 on the total bill. I had a thought about Saturday anyway to present to the class and maybe have a mock graduation on the school field. I'd get permission and we did graduate on June 25th which is the Saturday after party. Everyone could bring sandwiches or whatever for their lunch. Or I can check out box lunch prices from a deli in Levittown (Center Lane Deli -Fred's there forever). We could eat them in the old cafeteria and visit the Levittown Museum which is in the school. At 12:00 am on Friday night would be the 25th too and I booked the place from 8 to 12. Everyone would be together exactly 50 years later to the day..

I feel I can really work the 2 events out cheap and not to take everyone's whole day up Saturday. A couple of hours only.
What is the problem with Friday night????????? Most people have one and a half years to plan.......
Keep in touch

Reading some previous remarks:

a. To Roni, I'll be at our 100th. I may not be vertical ....

b. Like Saturday better also.

c. Is June the best month or is July- August better? June may involve grandkids still in school.

Russ Mulroy


Hi Marcy,

Kudos to Helene. That sounds like a perfect place. Since it will probably be on a Friday night it leaves the weekend for mini reunions and/or other adventures our classmates might enjoy in smaller groups.

Whatever the majority decides is great with me – as you and I discussed before, I am willing to help in any way I can.


Hi Marcy,

I was just on the site and saw the 50th reunion chat. The place that was selected is great!! I will be attending this special event no matter what day of the week it's held but I would prefer a Saturday night even if it were more money...

Think snow, skiing and will talk to ya soon,
Stu Smith

Thanks Helene and others who have taken the time to find choices for our 50th Reunion....great work.

Can I assume a 50th reunion is something special? If any reunion will attract attendance this is it! We will have this reunion once in our lifetime! I have concerns about Friday night. First, for those of us who will fly to NY, Friday is a weekday...Saturday is more festive and seems more special. Even for locals, especially those who still work Friday may be a hassle. Is the Friday price that much less?

Also, I attended one of our reunions when a few people informally got together on Friday night (someone's home or at the hotel) and Sunday breakfast (hotel) and Saturday was the main event. This seemed to work well and gave everyone the opportunity to attend whichever event(s) they chose.

I appreciate the opportunity to give feedback.
Roni Cojac Mintz

Thanks to all of you who looked into possible places to hold our 50th reunion. After listening to your feedback, our goal was to make this an affordable affair. Helene has found a place in Levittown that seems to be the best deal in terms of seating (round tables), price and availability. That place is Domenico's Restaurant on Hempstead Ave. not far from Gardiner's Avenue. It can hold up to 250 people and doesn't require an exorbitant deposit to hold the date. Friday night prices are lower than Saturday night so we would probably go with a Friday night. We can have a cash bar to keep the price of tickets down while providing alcohol for those who wish to drink. There is no charge for a hall rental since the catering is done by Domenico's. The price of a buffet is $33.00+ tax+ an 18% gratuity. We would also need to factor in the cost of decorating, stamps for mailings and music before we can set a price per ticket.

Helene has found a DJ who does 50's music and is a personal friend of hers. He has worked at Domenico's before and is willing to do the job for $350.00. She says he's very good. I don't think we'll get a better price than this on a place or a dj. At this point there is no date set but she was thinking of a date in June 2011 close to our actual graduation date. Several of you have eaten there or gone to events there and gave it a thumbs up.

The dress can be as casual as you want so there's no need to purchase new clothes for this unless you want. You have time now to start putting aside for plane tickets, tickets and hotel costs.

We do have to guarantee a minimum of 90 people and pay for that amount whether or not we get that many people. This is a reasonable minimum and I do feel we can get ninety for such an important milestone. Happily, if there's more than ninety, the place can accommodate more. Thank you Helene for your time and willingness to take on this huge job!

Hi Marcy,

Count me in for attending the 50th reunion. I am assuming that it will be somewhere on Long Island. I would be happy to assist in the process as well. I did chair the committee for the 20th- seems not that long ago!!

Mark Michaels

I "comparison shopped" for a 50th site. The Belle Terre community center in Port Jefferson gets $550 plus a security deposit of $350. Stu's lodge seems like a good deal.

Steve Ross

Good morning Marcy !!

There is a Knights Hall in Ronkonkoma about 5 minutes from Islip airport. The place is large and I attended a few holiday partys there
when I worked for Grumman.

Not far from the Knights Hall (about 10 minutes away) are 3 hotels just off the L. I. E....

I will check it out this weekend and get back to ya..

Stay warm and hugs,
Stu Smith

Hi Marcy and Happy New Year !!

I got the information on the Mason Hall in Smithtown..

1. Rent for the hall to me as a member $350.00

2. The hall can hold up to 125 people and I was told that they have had 185 in there (that could be too many people)

3. If there is dancing, we would have to provide a DJ and the dancing area would cut down on seating room.

4. We would have to decorate the hall.

5. As I said in my last e-mail, there is a bar but we will have to supply the alcohol and a bartender. (we would have to buy the alcohol and manage the selling
of it) The Smithtown Mason lodge doesn't have a state license to sell alcohol.

6. There is a very good cater in Ronkonkoma (next town over) that as done affairs for us with a good selection of food (we would have to provide servers).

I'm just putting this out there and it's a start. I think we could do better at another place.

Stu Smith
Via Email 01/04/10

Hi Marcy!
Hope you had a great holiday and you have a Happy New Year..

I was on the LMHS site this morning and was thinking about my Mason lodge in Smithtown for our 50th reunion (easy place to get to). I don't know how many people the hall will hold (looks to be about 70 + and hope it's not to small) but I will check on it at our next meeting in January and get back to you.

There is a bar in the hall and a number of catering places in the area to get food from. I think I could get a discount on the hall rental.

Talk to ya soon,

Stu Smith
Via Email 12/29/09


Hello and happy, healthy 2010. I just read the entries regarding our 50th. We were asked about having other classes join us. In my opinion, a 50th is very special and should be attended by those celebrating 50 years, other classes joining us can diminish the occasion.

Roni Cojac Mintz
Via Email 12/28/0

I'll stop by the Knights in Seaford in next 2 days. It's minutes from my house. I'll let you know. If someone suggests something like this, call and I'll stop there. I am also going to Levittown. There's one there too.

Via Email 12/26/09

Hi Marcy -

I think the LMHS gym or 1/2 the gym would work best. We have memories there and therefore the decorations wouldn't have to be extravagant. Does the Lunch Room still exist? Same thing. If we don't get a sufficent # from '61, adding '62 & '63 could work. I have a friend I met in later years from '63.

Lou Chanin

A while back I did have Russ Mulroy look into the possibility of doing our 50th there. I still have the information in a file. Their fee would involve rental space and janitorial expenses. Catering would have to be done separately. They have very strict rules about no alcohol on the premises. I've been a lifelong non-drinker and I know that a great many classmates fall into that category or are people who no longer drink because of medications or health issues. For us, that presents no problem. But in fairness to those who do, this is a special occasion and as such, many would expect to drink and socialize. I don't know if that would make a difference to the people who do drink and the last thing we would want is to jeopardize the number attending. Ideally, we should try to find an affordable place where everyone would be comfortable. Then there is the issue of those flying in who would have to rent a car to get to the school. I would welcome your thoughts or feedback on this matter. As to adding other classes, this is just my opinion, but because it is a 50th- a very special occasion- I think it should be just our class. If others feel differently, please let us know. In the end we will have to go with what the majority want so the time to voice your thoughts is now before anything is set in stone.
Via Email 12/26/09

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year too.

I was talking to my brother before and remembered to ask him where his class of 60 from DAHS 50th reunion is going to be....he said in Seaford at a Knights of Columbus (??) Hall. It includes the class of 61 and maybe 62 also, and it's only $75 a person. He didn't have the exact details handy, but that's what he remembered about it. Thought I'd let you know....

Have a wonderful holiday season. Rona

I received this from Rona Selski, class of 1965. I contacted Frank Barning from DAHS class of 60, but he didn't know any of the details. Is there anyone in the Seaford area who can check out this place, see how many people it can hold and whether or not it is a nice place? We want to be able to give everyone the affordable reunion you have asked for, but at the same time we're looking for a place that will have the good memories an event of this magnitude deserves. If you know anything about this place, please contact me as soon as possible. Thanks.
Posted 12/23

I will commit us to the 50th for sure. What are the dates you guys are thinking of? (guess I should check our website) Put me on the list. Del will of course, come kicking and screaming (not really....) but I am committed to our 50th as it IS a special anniversary for all of us who have made it this far!!
Sandy Parrish DuVall
p.s. Just got word that the Garofalos will be joining us in Mexico in March if we can work out the dates...should be fabulous!

We have no date at this point. I can only assume it will be sometime during the summer of 2011. I will be looking for pictures in March of that Mexico get-together.
Via Email 12/11/09


 I can’t believe it has been 50 years since our days at LMHS! I remember those days as if it was last week. I have finally retired and will now have some time to follow up with our classmates. As for the reunion you can count me in. I doubt I can be of much help from here in Florida but if I can just let me know. And it does not matter to me where we meet or what is planned. I’ll go along with whatever is decided.

 Best regards,
 Larry Carballo

Via Email 12/10/09

Nice of Helene to step up and do this. I'm not surprised. However we need to determine a deadline for receiving payments in full in advance of the deadline or contract etc.

As shown with the 1959 reunion, words are simply not enough. Once a check is received in full, then that person or couple will be added to the list. Anything less than that, in my opinion is not sufficient.

This is a huge event for most of us and we've had plenty of time to dwell and think about its significance so there should be no reason this process shouldn't run seamlessly. Saying you're going will not cut it. Payment in full will but that's only my opinion.

Russ Mulroy
Via Email 12/8/09

Hi Marcy,
Just went in to website. I would be glad to check out places for the reunion. I can't be financially committed . I would like you to give me some idea if you know from the e-mails what the average cost they would like to spend. I'd like to go to a hall and cater it separately . Might be better price. ..
I'll wait to hear from you and then I'll start pricing as of the 1st. People are willing to make deals now.
 Take care.
 Helene Erb

Thanks so much Helene for the offer. We need all the help we can get. One of the things you will need to do is find out what the minimum number expected will be, both for the catering and the hall. For those who have never done this type of thing before, it means that whether or not you get the required number of attendees, you must pay the full price for their minimum fee. We would also need to know what the maximum capacity allowed would be just in case we do get a large number of people wanting to attend. Since so many people wait until the last minute to decide, I would hate to have to exclude classmates for lack of space.

I did get a lot of feedback about keeping this thing affordable, but I don't remember one person ever mentioning what "affordable" means in terms of dollars. Please keep in mind that you need to be realistic. Naturally I would respect your privacy since your personal financial situation is your business. What I would need to know in order to help Helene with her task, is at what dollar amount per person your limit would be. Everyone has a ceiling price that they won't go beyond. I need to know what that would be. There is no point in having people working work hard on your behalf, unless they know in advance what your price range and limits would be. Since she plans to start in January, I would appreciate your feedback before then. We can't get this event off the ground without more people committing to it. So many of you said that you can't commit without knowing the cost, so here is your chance to let us know what you think is reasonable.

Our committed people have been great with offers of specific ways that they would be willing to help. I do have volunteers to address and mail snail letters and others who would place phone calls to our classmates that have no email accounts. One person volunteered to be the person who makes the calls to remind people that they signed up but have not sent in their money. Another is willing to collect the money, open up a bank account to hold it and maintain an Excel spreadsheet for record keeping. Now we have someone willing to shop around for the best deals on halls and catering services. We still need someone from the Island who is willing to sign a contract with a catering hall and caterer. I can guarantee no one will agree to this job unless we are all committed to sending in the full amount early enough to meet the deposit requirement and final billing.

Together we can pull this off, Thanks to all who have offered their help and thanks in advance to all who would be willing to pay for their tickets before deposits are required or contracts are signed.
Via Email 12/7/09

First of all I must apologize to all who have taken the time to write or call me with reunion opinions. I have not individually answered anyone who sent emails because of the sheer volume of responses. My goal was to get a working list of numbers so we had an idea of how many would commit this early in the game and find out if anyone was willing to help. By no means has everyone in the class responded and it is still not too late to add your name to the list of people who will attend. I appreciate the folks who were upfront about having no interest in attending. The majority of these were from the west, south or Midwest and the biggest reason was that they no longer travel. At this point we have about seventeen people who are committed to going. The overwhelming majority of all who responded was that it was too early to commit to something a year and a half away. Some are dealing with personal or family health issues, in the process of relocating, or undergoing financial changes. Most felt it was impossible to commit to something unless they knew what it would cost. The biggest requests were to keep it simple and affordable. Not having a place lined up makes it impossible to state a price. I would also like to clear up the notion that I am going to be in charge of this event. I am only acting as a facilitator here on the website because some of you wanted to get the ball rolling. We still need a person who is willing to find a place and make arrangements. I will postpone the online questionnaire until the spring and not do it now since there just are not enough totally committed classmates. Feel free to sign up at any time in the coming months. I would like to see that list grow.
Via Email 12/1/09

Hi Marcy !!
Hope all is good with you....

I just got back from a three week stay in Florida and boy are my arms tired from the flight. I logged on the site to see what was new (while I was in Florida I walked into an antique shop and I asked the owner " what's new" :) to get the latest information on our class reunion).

Count me in and I will be there (where ever it is).
I want to help but we are installing a new main frame and a bunch of servers here at the department and I'm very busy.
I will know better by the end of Jan 2010 but you can count on me to help by the end of Apr 2010..

Stu Smith
Via Email 11/21/09

If money, time etc. are the most critical factors, shorten the event to one evening only. Have it at the cash bar at the Marriott until closing and have no other "organized" evening event.

We can meet and mingle for one night and then classmates can have their own impromptu get-togethers on Saturday, Sunday etc. and just stay as long, or short, as they wish.

We don't need a band or tables and food to have a good time.
Russ Mulroy
Via Email 11/18/09

Marcy, I just visited the site again and want you to know that I would be very happy to help, sending out a questionnaire, both via e-mail and snail mail, and/or anything else I can do, after the holidays. Possibly the Marriott near the Islip Airport would be a good place to have a reunion. No matter where in the States we have it, the whole thing will be more costly for some of us than for others, depending where we are traveling from. Hopefully by the first of the year there will be more of us volunteering to form committees and work in small groups to pull it all together. I think, no matter where it is held, it will require the 'coordinator' live right there. Just my opinion.

On our way to Germany on Thursday - but keep in touch via e-mail, as I have my laptop with me.

Take care and have a very Happy Thanksgiving - I am sure you will be spending it with your family and will have a wonderful time.

Via Email 11/18/09

Middle of the night, and I just had time to look over the website. I was thinking, how about a questionaire on the 50th reunion? Basically you could e-mail and first see if there is interest, where they would like to have it, whether they could help with arrangements, etc. I would be willing to help with letters to those who don't have e-mail. It's a once in a lifetime opportunity and we shouldn't let it go by without some kind of celebration. From the responses, you can get some idea of interest, where and who would be interested in attending and helping. We're lucky so many of us are hooked up on our computers, so communications would be available 24/7. Just a thought. We're looking at about a year and a half.
Toni Salometo

I had thought about doing this. It's a lot of work. We did this a year before the reunion in 2005. That questionaire was long. Not everyone responded so keeping this one shorter might be a good idea. I think January might be the best time since we are then in the year 2010 and people always have more time for these things after the holidays. In the meantime I will create a list of those who are commited to going. So please let me know everyone. Toni, I am assuming you are on the list based on your willingness to help.
Via Email 11/17/09

Hi Marcy, the fact that we are planning a 50th reunion is almost unbelievable. It is a fact and planning now will help to make the event successful. May I suggest that a note goes out to everyone asking who is seriously committed to attending and from that group an on sight committee can be formed to share the planning responsibilities.

In my opinion the Levittown vicinity makes sense, after all it is a LMHS reunion. There will be some tasks that can be done long distance, they can be delegated by that host committee. Based on comments there are many of us who are willing to help, count me in as one of those long distance helpers and I am committed to attend.
At this time it is critical to assess if there is a true interest... we just need to start the process. Hopefully, enough people will get the spirit and become that core planning group. It will be costly: flight/ hotel/ event... 2010 New Years resolution....
save our pocket change!

Happy Thanksgiving to all.
Roni (Cojac) Mintz

We can start a list here and add to it as people decide if they are seriously committed. I would also like to hear from those who know for sure that they will not be attending. Like Roni, I am committed to attending and am more than willing to help. But we still need a contact person willing to do the legwork, sign a contract and arrange details. Some of the jobs we will need help on are making phone calls, mailing snail invitations. making name tags, arranging for decorations. Do we want a band? Cash bar? Souvenirs? We really need to get an idea of what people want before we can proceed. We need to know who is willing to shell out money in advance for a deposit that is most certainly required, stamps for invitations, etc. I think we can email a good many invitations, but we still need to mail them for the folks without computers. Please let is know if you are committed. And please tell us if you are not. We need some working numbers.
Via Email 11/15/09

So far no one has stepped up to the plate to take on the task of coordinating the 50th reunion. The class of 1959 had their 50th this past summer at the Marriott in Uniondale where we had the 2005 reunion. The person who did the coordinating lost $3400.00 out of his own pocket because they did not get the minimum number of tickets sold, despite verbal commitments from classmates who never sent their money in. The cost of the tickets was $160.00 a person and they still lost money. The group rate for a block of 20 hotel rooms at the Marriott was $169.00 a night for those who came from out of town. Anyone bringing a spouse had to shell out $658.00 if they stayed just one night and $827 if they stayed two nights. This didn't include air fare. You can see why so many people backed out when reality set in. In these days of financial uncertainty, I don't see how holding a reunion on Long Island would be feasible. On the other hand, I don't have any alternative ideas that I know would be less expensive. One thing I can say from experience- the person in charge of the reunion must live nearby to the place holding the event. To do so from a distance is stressful and impractical.

I did receive a host of documents from Bill Keleher (husband of Michele Axman) who was on the committee for his own 50th reunion this past summer. The one suggestion he gave me was to start now on the people searches and get the missing people back in the loop before the reunion. With Honey's help I have done that and we will continue to do so. They were able to do the reunion for $100.00 a person. It was an outdoor event- chicken barbeque dinner held about fifteen minutes from Albany, NY. They arranged a shuttle from a nearby Comfort Inn which charged $150.00 a night for out of town attendees. I know from past experience working on picnics that a number of you don't do outdoor events for health reasons. It is almost impossible to please everyone.

I welcome similar feedback from any of you who know of places that hold affordable reunions and what their minimum number of attendees would be. I would like some feedback on what folks think is a reasonable price. The goal is to get as many people as we can to attend.

Via Email 11/14/09

The Marriot idea close to MacArthur Airport seems like a good location for the 50th. The Picnic Reunion was great.

Steve Ross

Via Email 11/24/08

Since Sam's Seton Hall High School class is having its 50th reunion next September, I am passing along some information. They are holding the reunion at the Islandia Marriott which is on Expressway Drive North. The dinner is on a Friday evening as the minimum for the Friday is 100 people. If you plan a party for the Saturday evening, the minimum would be 150 people. The price per person is $135 including gratuity and tip. The price will include a cocktail hour, four hours of dinner, DJ and an open bar. I know they are using a catering service owned by one of the Seton Hall families. The deposit would be 10 - 20% depending on how far in advance you book the place. Also, the Marriott is holding a block of rooms for $139/night + tax.

Not sure what people will think about this possibility as it is somewhat pricey. On the plus side, it isn't too far from ISP airport and is somewhat centrally located. Sam's class had the 25th reunion there and it was enjoyable!
Pat Pandolfi Cox

Please let us know what you think about the place, the price or any alternate ideas you have. The last reunion was $80.00 a person, but it did not include an open bar. Keep in mind that was more than three years ago and food prices have gone up considerably since then. The Marriott price is very good. A year and a half ago when we had our picnic, the room price at the same Marriott we used for the 2005 reunion was $279 a night. Consequently a group of us stayed at a motel on Hempstead Turnpike. I would imagine that the above prices Pat sent would increase by 2011 for our fiftieth. We welcome your thoughts.

Via Email 11/14/08

Here's a neat place to consider holding our fiftieth reunion:


Russ Mulroy

Via Email 9/6/08


A 50th reunion...I can hardly wait.  I had a ball at the Marriott.  It was well organized and carefully planned.  We should definitely start now. What are the demographics of those who want to attend?  From that we may get a central location.  Also, you were right on about not too much of a response to having a gathering in Florida.  However, a short cruise off-season may be a good idea and affordable.  Let me know how I can help

 Rheva Mason Thomason

Via Email 8/28/08


The more I think about the 50th, the less appealing the school gym seems. A hotel with DJ, bar, food & rooms to sleep in seems like the logical choice. Why go 2nd class for our 50th? Although we may save a few bucks here & there, the school is an old drab place to hold such an important, milestone event in my opinion.

Russ Mulroy

Via Email 8/27/08

Hi Marcy,

I was wondering if everyone would like to consider a cruise for the 50th reunion? I would be glad to use our travel agent here in Florida who works well with groups. I know it would cost a bit but it would include a lot for a few days.

Carol Cooper (McComiskey)

Via Email 8/05/08

Hi Marcy,

Another simple, inexpensive reunion option is to rent a lodge in a town or county park for an afternoon and evening, have someone cater an inexpensive dinner, casual dress, minimal hassle, drinks are BYO.  Maybe do the whole thing for $20/head?  Probably worth exploring.

Best wishes,
Mark Harris

 Sounds too good to be true! Our class picnic at Eisenhower Park last summer was $50.00 a head with a minimum of 50 attendees expected. If you know of any lodges with prices this low, please get back to us.

Via Email 7/28/08

Hi Marcy,

The comment about having it in the school gym is good. I thought about that after sending you the email.  But of course not having the bubbly, may cramp some people's style.  I am still going to see what those of us on the west side of the country think of having a mini reunion, but don't hold out too much hope.  It would be more fun if we all could get together in one place.  We will just have to see what others think.

 Could you send me Brad's cell number?   I am at the b&b and forgot to bring it with me.

 Pat McCauley Mangels

Via Email 7/28/08

I second the motion for Marcy's place. If she starts now, she'll be ready for 2011.

Russ Mulroy

In all seriousness, I would consider it if I had a sewer hookup. My septic system would not be able to handle that many people! In addition local hotels could not accommodate that many guests.


Via Email 7/28/08

Hi Marcy
I like the idea of the gym, and I don't care if we have music or not. I will go anywhere, just tell me how much of a deposit you need and I will put a check in the mail in the morning. If I can be of any help to get this project on wheels, shoot me and e-mail.

Stu Smith

Via Email 7/28/08

Regarding thr 50th reunion, I can't imagine anyone wanting to take on that responsibility. I will go anywhere should there be one. I like the idea of the gym but that's just me. I'm glad you said what you did on the update. Folks can read that and decide for themselves. I never saw Rheva's idea about Florida. I'd go there also. As you know, we're flexible.
I VOTE FOR YOUR PLACE!!! Just kidding. I know how much work that was for you. Anyway, I hope someone has a workable idea. I'll be up for it, wherever.

Jerry Murphy

Via Email 7/28/08

Hi Marcy, 

I have been giving a lot of thought to the 50 year reunion and to something you had said about some classmates having mini reunions in different parts of the country.  I got thinking that that would be an easier way to go for our 50th and if someone from another part of the country wanted to go to one somewhere else then they make their own arrangements to attend.

 I thought I would get in touch with all that are within a 4-5 state area to Southern California. and see what they would like to do.  We can either do it at someone's clubhouse and have a local caterer or any other suggestion that someone brings up.

 I agree that it would be a huge undertaking for any one person to take on the responsibility of planning the 50th, you have been there and done that and with everyone scattered, it presents its own problems.

 Let me know what you think of that.  I know some will object and want one large party, but unless they are willing to take it on, I think this idea would make it more feasible and less stressful.


Pat McCauley Mangels

    Many of you have asked me what we are planning for the 50th reunion. The truth is it is not a job I want to take on again. Everyone has their own idea about where it should be. Many want to make it something more affordable to all. Long Island prices are admittedly high and most places want sizable deposits to hold a spot in advance and a signed contract guaranteeing a certain number of attendees. If I remember correctly, it was a 300 people minimum to book the Marriott. We needed to pay for 300 whether or not that number bought tickets. We were able to make that happen in 2005 because it was a reunion for all classes of the sixties, but truth be told we were sweating it out the week before knowing we did not have the minimum number of tickets sold. We were saved by the bell when a large number of last minute folks bought tickets at the door. This meant some of us spent the first hour and a half selling tickets while the rest were eating. Other details such as booking hotel rooms, finding a DJ, invitations, phone calls, mailings, name tags, decorations, party favors, and activities for the whole weekend, etc. also involved a great deal of time and planning. It is difficult to do these things from out of town, not to mention trying to keep expenses down so that all can afford to come. These days the price of gas is also a factor, whether driving to the reunion or flying.

   If someone else wants to step forward and take on the task, I would of course be willing to help and certainly would keep everyone informed on this website. The class of 1959 is looking into holding their fiftieth reunion next year in the LMHS gym as it seems to be the most affordable way to go. I don't have the information on cost, but do know it has to be an alcohol free event and for some of you that might not be to your liking.

   Several people besides Pat McCauley have come up with alternative ideas. Pat's idea makes sense, but I also know that Rheva Mason tried to gather interest in a mini reunion for Florida residents and got very few responses. Frank Curtin suggested Atlantic City because you don't need to book rooms so far in advance or shell out large deposits well in advance.

   I would like to hear from anyone who has some ideas to share and especially would like to know if one of you is willing to step up to the plate and consider being the coordinator. If the majority feel that a fiftieth is not something you are interested in, then we need to hear that too. For those who want one and are definitely interested in coming, then this time around it would involve a show of good faith by purchasing your tickets early enough to make sure we have deposit money on hand for the facility and for decorations and other expenses. Do you or do you not want music? It's a large expense and many complained that the music was too loud for talking. Let me know how you feel about any or all of this. Time is of the essence. This cannot be done last minute!

Via Email 7/27 08