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Inspired by the pictures of the pajama party that Betty Csontos sent in a few months ago, several of the "girls" decided to have one ourselves in New Paltz. That expanded to a barbeque for some of the "local" class of 61 folks within driving distance. I'm not sure how it happened, but the little summer barbeque had people coming in from New Hampshire, New Jersey, Rhode Island, Virginia, Arizona, and California. It was the highlight of my summer! See our new link "Garden Party". Thanks to Steve Weissman for asking about Laura Allen. That's when we discovered she was summering in New York only four hours from here. It rained most of the weekend but that never dampened our spirit. Click on the picture below for the theme song for this party!

Front Row left to right: Marcy McNally, Sandra Findlay, Gloria de Lama, Pat Pandolfi, Susan Amrhein, Laura Allen, Irene Murphy (wife of Jerry), Ed Thomas (Wisdom Lane alumni), Jean Pandolfi (sister of Pat), Stu Smith
Back Row: Celeste Vives, Tom Tierney, Toni Salometo, head of Patty Tierney in back of Toni, Valerie and Joe Garofalo, Russ and Carole Mulroy, Richie and Nelsie Smith, John Mulligan (husband of Susan Amrhein), Dick Lally (husband of Laura Allen), Jerry Murphy


Pat Pandolfi Cox, Toni Salometo, Carole Mulroy (wife of Russ), Marcy McNally Fall
Submitted by Pat Pandolfi Cox

Marcy and Jerry
The RV departs for Maine, their next destination

Thursday- the last guests leave- a sad day for me. Marcy and Irene

The rain stopped on Wednesday so we finally got to enjoy some outside sun. Frank Curtin and Irene Murphy

Patty Tierney and Frank Curtin

3 Amigos - Tom Tierney, Jerry Murphy, Russ Mulroy
This photo and the following 4 were submitted by Carole Mulroy

John Mulligan (husband of Susan Amrhein) proudly showing off the latest summer style statement: Sandals & argyle socks without toes.

Patty Tierney, Frank Curtin, Irene and Jerry Murphy

Friday Night Dinner

Irene Murphy and Toni Salometo

Watch out Russ. Pat Pandolfi has her eye on your Jag.

Laura Allen Lally and husband Dick

Irene and Jerry Murphy

Irene and Jerry Murphy

Toni Salometo and Carole Mulroy

Joe Garofalo, Tom and Patty Tierney

Pat and Jeanie Pandolfi with Joe Garofalo

Marcy, Pat and Jeanie Pandolfi (LMHS class of 65) at P and G's Restaurant Sunday night. Jeanie is a New Paltz alumnus who was visiting her old haunts while here. She has not been back since 1969 and was caught up in the nostalgia.

The hat is a gift from Brad Scott. The sheriff's badge, also from Brad, is supposed to show who's "in charge".

Charlotte Carr, who also lives in New Paltz, tells me, "This town's not big enough for both of us!"

Russ Mulroy picked out the music that was part of our past.

The rain stopped and some braved the wet grass and lawn chairs.

Charlotte Carr and husband Ed Kramer
Thank you Ed for being our barbeque chef!

Sandra Findlay and Ed Thomas
Ed graduated from Division Avenue HS but went to Wisdom Lane School with Sandra and others in our class.

Brad Scott provided the CD and all his 50's oldies for our music background.

Pat Pandolfi added a touch of elegance to the party with this panther arrangement. How she ever found a panther is beyond me.

Irene Murphy directs Jerry as he backs into my driveway. Tom calls the RV Murphy's mansion on wheels.

Celeste Vives, Marcy McNally

Left: Ed Thomas (Wisdom Lane)
Center: Stu Smith and girlfriend Dory
Right: John Mulligan (husband of Susan Amrhein Mulligan)
Background: Russ Mulroy

Left to right: Valerie Garofalo, Joe Garofalo, Tom Tierney
Is that a smile on Smilin Joe's face?

Left to right: Toni Salometo, Valerie Garofalo, Joe Garofalo

Richie Smith and wife Nelsie being entertained by Frank Curtin

Russ and Carole Mulroy with Stu Blick on left

Sue Amrhein Mulligan and husband John

Stu Blick and his wife Sunny.

Sandra Findlay, Gloria de Lama

Friday night dinner at the Gilded Otter

Standing: Toni Salometo, Frank Curtin
Seated left to right: Celeste Vives, Nelsie Smith (wife of Richie), Richie Smith, Jerry Murphy, Patty Tierney, Tom Tierney