Class of 1961 Alumni Page

Just a few words to update everyone on what I've been doing. I'm married almost 42 years with 2 daughters and 5 grandchildren (3 girls and 2 boys) ranging in age from almost 9 to 18. The 2 oldest girls will graduate from high school in June 2008 and the youngest granddaughter will graduate into Junior High in June also. Our oldest grandson Taylor is 14 and has been playing basketball since he was 6 and is on his junior team and the youngest (Alec age 9) is still into Star Wars & pirates. All are great students.

I now live in Nevada. We moved here in 2002 after my husband Gary and I both retired. He was a Navy man stationed in San Diego. Prior to our retirement we lived in California. We keep busy since retirement with our hobbies. My husband and I build furniture for ourselves, family and friends. We're involved in all kinds of arts and crafts and enjoy fishing. There are all kinds of lakes around here, the biggest one being Lake Tahoe. My Dad had a 40 foot fishing boat. We took people out for fishing and I baited hooks and also cleaned the fish. When we take vacations it is always around water, but we also go to different train spots I have been around trains for a very long time since I was a little girl. Our biggest hobby is building HO scale train layouts and we have been doing that since we were married. Right now we are doing one for this house which is about 12 by 15 feet. He builds a lot from scratch and I help with the scenery and the people building once he does all the bench work- wiring lighting and so forth.


Left to right:

My granddaughter Brittany Leighann (now 17), my oldest daughter Gina, step-granddaughter Brittany Ann (now 18),
my youngest daughter Donna and last is me. In front is granddaughter Sara who is now 10. I also have two grandsons.

Here are some of the crafts we work on- furniture, railroad accessories, etc. These are just a few. That's my husband Gary in a couple of the pictures.

Kathy's Husband

Kathy's Cradle

Kathy's Clock

This picture shows my old dining room window on the second floor! The other picture shows how high the snow was on our deck.
We moved from California to escape the snow!

These two pictures are from our old home in Truckee California which is right by Lake Tahoe and about 15 minutes from Squaw Valley where the winter Olympic games took place. We do get some snow here in Nevada (a few feet) but not like Truckee where it could go as high as 10 ft. or more. Do you remember reading or studying about the Donner Party that got stuck in the snow back in 1846 in the mountains of Sierra? I lived 5 minutes from the park where it happened.