Class of 1961 Alumni Page
Jerry Murphy

I left New York in 1965. Moved to Virginia and got a job with Allegheny airlines which later became USAir. I moved with my two sons to St. Louis to work for Ozark Airlines in 1977. In 1979 I moved to California to work for McDonnell Douglas which became Boeing in 1997. I will retire in December of 2005 after 26 years and tour the continent in my new home on wheels. We plan on traveling the U.S., including Alaska, Canada and Mexico. Luckily my dear wife speaks Spanish.

Casa de Murphy Today

This picture taken at the World Trade Center on 9-9-01 was just two days before 9-11. Irene, Jerry's wife was on her first visit to NYC. They planned a return visit on 9-11 that naturally never happened.

Sunset at San Clemente, California
Jerry and Irene

Proud Grandpa Jerry with Mowgli & Meagan

Proud Grandma Irene with Meagan & Mowgli

Jerry and his son Dan - Part I

Jerry and his son Dan - Part II

This guy is wandering around - He looks lost :-)

Jerry & Meagan - Road Warriors

Casa de Murphy Tomorrow -  See you on the road!