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On January 14th 2007, Warren Hechinger threw a party in Marina Del Rey, California. By now it should come as no surprise that our classmates are willing to travel thousands of miles to attend functions where class of 61 folks gather. In addition to the California people like Gino Lynch and Pat McCauley Mangels, Warren's party had classmates coming from Hawaii, Arizona, Washington State, Georgia, New York, Virginia and Florida. From all accounts it was a night to remember.

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Russ Mulroy
The five photos in this block were submitted by
Gino Lynch

Ernie Brodsky, Tom Tierney, Frank Curtin

Maddie Klein

Frank Curtin

Helene Doctoroff Erb
The fifth set of pictures (below) was submitted by Russ and Carole Mulroy

Left to right: Russ Mulroy, Helene Doctoroff Erb, Iris Kogel Chapman, Patty and Tom Tierney

Standing: Frank Curtin with Warren's daughter Dena and her husband
Seated: Ronnie Meringer Weisz, Warren Hechinger, Rheva Mason Thomason, Iris Kogel Chapman

Left to right front: Rheva Mason Thomason, Helene Doctoroff Erb, Iris Kogel Chapman

Russ Mulroy, Joe Forte, Gino Lynch

The fourth set of pictures (below) was submitted by Frank Curtin

Ronnie Meringer Weisz, Warren and Helene Doctoroff Erb

At the Marriott: Ronnie Merringer Weisz, Rheva Mason Thomason, Iris Kogel Chapman, Gino Lynch

Helene's new camera- doesn't she looked pleased?

The third set of pictures (below) was submitted by Warren Hechinger

Warren and the Hooter's gal Tessie Tierney

Ronnie Meringer, Russ Mulroy, Warren Hechinger and Joe Forte

My daughter Dena Louise Melin who is expecting my first grandchild in late April. It's a boy.

David and Dena Melin
Dena is Warren's daughter

The second set of pictures (below) was submitted by Frank Curtin

The harbor at Marina Del Rey, California
Left to right: Russ and Carole Mulroy, Helene Doctoroff Erb, Tom and Patty Tierney, Eileen Wolfe and husband Mike Turner, Ernie Brodsky, Gino Lynch

Happy to see an old classmate Iris Kogel Chapman embraces Rheva Mason Thomason


Friday Lunch - Back to camera: Gino Lynch and Helene Doctoroff Erb
Left to right: Mike Turner (husband of Eileen Wolfe), Eileen Wolfe Turner, Tom and Patty Tierney

The first set of pictures (below) was submitted by Pat McCauley (Mangles)

Left to right: Pat McCauley Mangels, Russ Mulroy,Tom Tierney, Joe Forte (Helene Doctoroff Erb in front of him), Frank Curtin, Ronnie Meringer Weisz, Iris Kogel Chapman, Rheva Mason Thomason, Patty Tierney, Gino Lynch

Warren surrounded by friends

Ronnie Meringer Weisz and Joe Forte

Ernie Brodsky

Doesn't that lap dancer remind you a bit of Tom Tierney? Or is it my imagination? For some reason Warren could not stop pinching her chest.

Warren had a surprise visit from a long haired lap dancer. Check out those legs!

A warm hug from Warren's daughter Dena, who is expecting Warren's first grandchild (a son) in April.

Iris Kogel Chapman, Gino Lynch and Rheva Mason Thomason

Carole Mulroy (wife of Russ) and Pat McCauley Mangels
Seated at right: Ronnie Meringer Weisz and boyfriend Dick

Left to right: Patty Tierney, Rheva Mason Thomason, Iris Kogel Chapman, Frank Curtin

Gino Lynch and Tom Tierney

Tom and Patty Tierney with Russ Mulroy

Admiring the Levittown Memorial Class of 61 banner which Russ Mulroy had made up for the occasion.

A better shot of that banner

Frank Curtin holding court with the folks from Teledyne

Warren and friends

Robert Lenci brother of Gino Lynch

Robert Lenci (brother of Gino Lynch) and his wife

Notice the red and black flowerpot on the table (left foreground). Pat McCauley made these for all the tables.

Left to right: Russ Mulroy, Warren and daughter Dena, Ronnie Meringer Weisz, Iris Kogel Chapman

Food for Warren's Guests