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Whenever any of us get together outside of the Reunion and Senior Trip gatherings, it's a newsworthy event. All across America there are small groups of us meeting when the opportunity arises. Sometimes we meet in a restaurant or in each other's homes. Send your pictures when you do this so that we can share with everyone in the class.

Congratulations to classmate Neil Rose who was married on December 9, 2018. His bride Lisa is originally from Brooklyn, which is where Neil started out before coming to Levittown.

We wish them both many years of happiness.

Hi Marcy!
How's it go'n in wild upstate New York ??

Roger Annicelli took a trip to the big apple from Fla. and we spent the day in Manhattan. We went from Battery Park to Central Park.
Hope you can post the pics on the site..


1. Battery Park
2. World Trade
3. Stock Exchange
4. China Town for lunch
5. Little Italy
6. Central Park
7. St Patrick's Cathedral
8. Rockefeller Center
9. Time Square
10. New York Marriott Marquis for drinks

The 1st picture of Roger and I was taken at the Rockefeller ice rink. Note the golden Rockefeller Center logo in the background.
A great time was had by all and we did 9 miles of walking that day.

Be well !!
Stu Smith

Vic and Mary Ann Sassone (on the left) had a visit from Joe Garofalo and his wife Valerie. Vic lives in Texas and Joe lives in Florida.

The Cottrells are candidates, but they've had a victory


Dana and Michael Cottrell are both running for office.

Dana is up against U.S. Rep. Daniel Webster. Michael is taking on state Sen. Wilton Simpson, both political heavyweights

The Cottrells are Democrats and it’ll be up to voters to decide whether they should be in office instead of the incumbents.

But this isn’t a political story, per se. It’s much more personal.

The couple live in Spring Hill with their soon-to-be teenage son Nolan.

They were both teaching military children overseas when Dana decided to return home to enroll Nolan in a local charter school.

Michael stayed and, while seeing a doctor for a routine physical, he complained about a twinge in his neck. Several tests later, doctors recommended a biopsy. Then the diagnosis: Cancer. More specifically, Hodgkin’s lymphoma.

The diagnosis happened in April. Dana, back home, had already decided to take on Webster in the U.S. House race. Soon, Michael came home for what they thought would be three cycles of chemotherapy.

The June night before official qualifying deadline for the state ballot, the Cottrells were talking politics. Both had hoped that someone would be opposing Simpson, if for no other reason than to ensure he wasn’t re-elected unopposed.

But no one did. So Michael paid the qualifying fee to get his name on the ballot opposite Simpson’s for the Nov. 6 election.

Now. I”m a political writer and I get politics. I understand that politics can be a driving force in people’s lives.

But run for office while being treated for cancer?

“I just put my name on the ballot,” Michael says. “The whole point of democracy is Americans have a choice.”

His wife agrees with a simple statement.

“It was too important to us.”

They met at a job interview. Michael was applying for a teaching job at Powell Middle School in Spring Hill. Dana was part of the interview committee.

Michael made the mistake of mentioning that, along with teaching social studies, he could coach softball.

“Dana said, ‘Softball’s mine!’” Michael recalls.

He was hired and they became friends, then started dating. They were married a year later, Dec. 28, 1996. The Cottrells were adventurous from the start, taking their honeymoon in Africa, Israel and Egypt.

Michael left teaching to work for a large bank holding company in Tampa, but eventually his job was eliminated. Rather than return to teaching in Hernando County, the couple explored the idea of teaching school at military bases overseas.

They became certified in multiple subjects and off they went. Their first stop was Busan, South Korea. There were 82 kids in the entire school. While on vacation back home, Nolan was born on Oct. 3 and the new family returned to South Korea.

After two years the base closed and they were transferred to Bitburg, Germany. It was around then that Dana and Michael were noticing odd behavior from Nolan.

“He would zone out, go into what I call Nolan World,” Dana says. “He was lost in that world, talking to himself.”

His parents weren’t sure what was happening so they took Nolan to a doctor. When Nolan was about 6, he was diagnosed with autism, ADHD and Tourette syndrome.

In the summer 2017, they were transferred to Okinawa, Japan, but by then Nolan’s parents wanted him to attend Gulf Coast Academy of Science and Technology, a Spring Hill charter middle school.

“We didn’t know if Nolan would get into the school. One of us had to stay in Okinawa because one of us had to work,” Dana says.

So Dana returned home to Hernando County while Michael stayed overseas.

Then Michael went for a physical, and their life turned upside down.

He saw a local doctor, not a military one. A translator was also provided, who walked him through a medical center for a battery of tests.

He told the doctor about a twinge in his neck. The doctor ordered a biopsy and in April, and he learned it was malignant.

More tests were needed to find out the cancer’s stage. Dana, back in Spring Hill, didn’t think twice. She picked up Nolan from school, bought airline tickets to Japan and surprised Michael at the airport.

After the diagnosis and treatment plan, doctors suggested Michael return to Florida where he would be with family and friends to support him during chemotherapy.

They said the chemo would be for three to six months. They went to Moffitt Cancer Center in late May for the first of what they thought would be the three chemo treatments.

So when qualifying time came for the ballot, Michael and Dana both thought his treatment was nearly over.

But it was just a few days after qualifying that they learned more treatments were necessary. It’s rendered him nearly the non-candidate in a district that spans Citrus, Hernando and part of Pasco counties, against an incumbent who is in line to become Senate president in 2020.

While his wife is active on the campaign trail in the congressional district, Michael does his best to regain his strength.

Michael and Dana have no regrets. The chemo treatments have stopped and they’ll find out through tests in October whether the cancer is gone.

“I’m starting to feel a little human again,” Michael says with a smile.

It’s all about attitude, Dana says.

“We’ll survive,” she says, "one day at a time"



Hi Marcy,

‘Hope the summer is going well for you.

Attached please find a picture of Harv and us taken this week which can be published in the Informal-2018 section.

As a caption, you can use:

“Harv Pearlstein was in NJ to visit his brother, and drove up for lunch with us in Oxford, CT. Harv seems to be improving with age. Regards to all, Bob and Patt Levine”

Congratulations to Carol Dunne Creal and Norman Stout who will celebrate 17 years of marriage on September 15. Wishing them many more.

Frank and Marcy
Marcy sorry this pix isn't the best of you two...my phone has been doing
bizarre things lately...But I still think you looked great! and everyone is
right...great hairdo!! thanks again for everything..it was terrific seeing you
and having a chance to catch up a little. Your home is lovely!


Sandy Parrish Duvall flew in from Colorado to attend a memorial service for her aunt in upstate New York. She called me to tell me that she would be passing New Paltz on her return to Newark Airport. She was hoping that Frank Curtin could join us too for a few hours. We had not been together since our 50th reunion in 2011. Thank you Frank for the pizza! It was a great afternoon. Second photo is Frank Curtin and Sandy Parrish Duvall


Hippity hoppity happy 50th. Congratulations to Pat (Pandolfi) and Sam Cox who celebrate 50 years of marriage on August 9.

Roni Cojac Mintz and Alan Mintz celebrating our 53rd anniversary. We have an anniversary tradition of dining at a favorite Mediterranean restaurant in Atlanta- Kyma.

Happy 50th wedding anniversary to Barbara (OConnell) and Trent Lawrence on June 27th. That is a great  bench!

June 19 Sue (Amrhein) and John Mulligan celebrate 42 years of marriage. Wishing them all the best.

Warm wishes go out to Judy(Cottrell) and Glenn Wolter who celebrate 52 years of marriage on June 18.

Congratulations to Pat (McCauley) and Rich Mangels who celebrate 55 years of marriage on June 16. Wishing them many more years of happiness.

May 2018 NY trip dinner with Ernie Brodsky. Picture by Jeff Chasan.
What’s become a tradition on our not so frequent trips to NY is a lobster dinner in Freeport with my oldest friend and our brides. This July will be 40 years in Arizona for me.

The Great Greener Grandsons. Picture by Doug Greener.
(Amitai, Lotan, Yahav and Yadin Caught together on camera for the first time.

Congratulations to Phyllis (Peckman) and John Purkey who celebrate 20 years of marriage on May 22.

Congratulations to Sandy (Parrish) and Del Duvall who celebrate 48 years of marriage on May 16. Wishing you many more.



 On April 28th a reunion for the Florida classmates took place. Pat McCauley Mangels, Carol Manning Del Prete and Honey Murway Cottrell did all the organizing. There are a lot of pictures so you will need to be patient while they get sorted, labeled and organized. Keep checking for more this month. Below is what Honey had to say about the event:

The reunion was a huge success. Carol and Pat did such an awesome job with the food, drink, decorations and there were ticket drawings and 'memory games' and everyone received a goody bag full of memorabilia from our youth. I can only touch on a few of the things those two ladies did to pull off such a great day.

Pat made the white hat with flowers and Carol made the $bill roses in the vase for me as gifts. It was all so special. The center pieces were made by Carol and the signs by Pat.

Their husbands, Sal and Rich were the Soda Jerks who served the special Chocolate Egg Creams that most of us grew up enjoying, in small coke glasses. They were such good sports and I think had fun dressing up in apron and hats Carol made for them to we
Check out the corsages made by Carol. Since today was Barbara O'connell's birthday she was presented with the Sweet 16 corsage and I chose the life savers for mine, Pat had everyone sing Happy Birthday to both of us. I just cannot express how great it was to spend the afternoon with classmates reminiscing.

Attendees in addition to us and husbands

Ann Greenblatt
Marilyn Lerner-Workman
Gale Shadwick-Sorenson (class of 62}
Louis Capria-Farrell (class of 62)
Betty Csontos-Shuster
Buzzy Testagrossa
Barbara O'Connell
Carol Cooper-McComisky (and husband Gerald)
Laura Allen-Lalley (and husband Dick)
Joe Garafolo (and wife Val)

I thought I took more photos than I just sent, but was tough to visit with everyone and remember to take pictures. Thought if you just pick out a few to post on the website. I meant to take one large group photo and then forgot to follow through.

It was so much fun that another Florida Reunion may happen again in 2020.

PS. Buzzy brought an album of pictures from the 35th reunion to pass around. Several of us were in those photos. More reminiscing. He had a picture from the Senior Prom on his phone, which I will ask him to send to you for the website.

All in all, a really great get together.


Corsages by Carol

Gale & Honey

Val, Joe & Carol

Marilyn with Honey

Betty Csontos Schuster with chocolate egg cream

“Soda Jerks” Sal Del Prete and Rich Mangels. Husbands of Carole and Pat.

Buzzy Testagrossa and Tom Cottrell

Barbara O’Connell Lawrence
Carol Cooper Mc Comisky on Barbara’s left.

Pat McCauley Mangels and Carol Manning Del Prete

Valerie and Joe Garofalo sitting Marilyn Lerner Workman standing

Laura Allen Lally and husband Dick

Anne Greenblatt, Betty Csontos Schuster, honey Cottrell and Carole Manning Del Prete

Carol Manning Del Prete and Anne Greenblatt

Louise Capria Farrell and Gale Shadwick Sorenson Both from class of 1962

Group shot

Buzzy Testagrossa

Sign by Pat McCauley Mangels

Valerie Garofalo, Gerald and Carol (Cooper) McComisky
Betty Csontos Schuster, Joe Garofalo and Carol Manning Del Prete

Gale Shadwick Sorenson

Gerald and Carol (Cooper) McComisky

Barbara O’Connell Lawrence and Valerie Garofalo

Marilyn Lerner Workman and Honey Murway Cottrell




















Obituary for LeRoy W. Bish Jr, age 84, died March 2, 2018 at his home in Vail, Arizona from complications of Parkinson’s disease.
Roy was a proud veteran serving in both the Marines and the Navy. After high school, he enlisted in the Marines and served in the Korean War. He then attended Parks College at St. Louis University where his love of flying began. He graduated with a degree in Aeronautical Engineering, joined the Navy and attended the Naval Flight Training in Pensacola, FL where he got his Naval Aviator wings.
Roy piloted the AD Skyraider while serving on the carriers USS Constellation and the USS Lexington. He then became a Navy test pilot of the A6A Intruder and the S2F Tracker at Grumman Aircraft Corp. He left the Navy with the rank of Lieutenant Commander and continued flying for the Naval Reserves at Floyd Bennett Field in Brooklyn, NY.

His flying career continued as an airline pilot for Pan American World Airways, first as a navigator, then as a first officer on the 707 and then as Captain on the L1011 and 747. He served with distinction for over 27 years and never lost his love of flying.

When Roy wasn’t flying airplanes he was pursuing his love of history, with a particular interest in the Civil War that began as a young man growing up near Gettysburg, PA. He had an extensive library of Civil War and history books and traveled to many of the historic battleground sites throughout the United States. He also took advantage of many overseas trips as a pilot to explore historic sites around the world.
His other hobbies included renovating old houses in his younger days and bass fishing with his grandkids off his dock at his home in Florida, where he lived for 18 years.
Roy was born in Hanover, PA to LeRoy W. Bish, Sr. and Hilda Collins Bish. He grew up in Littlestown, PA with his two sisters, Anna Mae Reinaman Snodgrass and Jean Bish, who both predeceased him.
He is survived by his wife Lois, his son Christopher, his daughter-in-law Vicky, and his two grandchildren Sara and Connor, also of Vail, Arizona, as well as beloved in-laws, nieces and nephews and dear friends. His daughter, Tracy, predeceased him.
Funeral to be held at a later date and will be announced.

  Condolences to our classmate Lois Christensen Bish. Her husband Roy passed away on March 2nd after a long struggle with Parkinson's disease. She has given me permission to share his obituary with you. Roy and Lois can be seen here in their wedding photo from 1964. You may notice that the  bridesmaid by her side is classmate Janet Columbia. Lois can be reached at

Frank Curtin received this from Al Hoppe. Thank you Frank for your efforts in helping us find updated information on our classmates.
Honey will be asking Al for an old Army picture so we can include him in our Veteran

Here is the info you requested:
Wife: Anne J Hoppe
Birthday: 09/16/43
Anniversary: 10/14/72
Tel: Cell: 203-829-2742
Home: 561-865-7076
You have the address incorrect:
It's 7525A Lexington Club Blvd
Delray Beach, FL 33446........not 33447
E-mail ahoppe203@gmail.com
University of Florida 1966
USArmy Vietnam 1968
Pic attached!
Be Well!
Al HoppBe Well!
Al Hoppe

Congratulations to Bob and Billie Lent who celebrate 49 years of marriage on April 5.

Jeff Chasan and Ernie Brodsky Caught up with Ernie for a beer earlier tonight Always feels like we just hung together last week

Congratulations to Honey and Tom Cottrell who celebrate 55 years of marriage on March 3.
 Wishing them many more years together and many more trips. Their years together have been one big adventure

Honey sent me this photo of Pat McCauley Mangels, Carol Manning Del Prete and Honey.
They met on February 7 for lunch to discuss plans for a small get together of class of 61 Florida residents. We will be hearing more about that in the days to come.

 Here is the photo from our time in Myrtle Beach with MaryAnn Lavery. Left to right: Harry Turk, MaryAnn Lavery Turk, Betty Csontos Schuster, Chuck Schuster,
taken outside a local ice cream shop a few months ago. Please post on the LMHS '61 web site. Also, please give me the info for sending a donation for such a great web site.

 Betty Schuster bettyss@optimum.net

Hi Marcy

Hope you are doing well.

I was browsing the website today and realized that the photo you have of me is 15 years old. So, I’m attaching a newer shot taken 3 years ago.

Also, our mailing address has changed. Here is my current info.

212 Rugby Lane

McKinney TX 75070

Mobile 214-789-4173

Blessings to you and your family.

Regards, Vic Sassone

Congratulations to Arlene (Brambora) and Ron Campbell who celebrate 55 years of marriage on January 19.
 I believe they are the couple that is married longest from our class. Wishing them many more years together. 01-15

Honey Murway Cottrell and Suzanne Handwerker Anderson got together for lunch on January 11th.

 It was the first time they had seen one another since the 50th reunion in 2011. Honey says the plan is to do this more often.