In Loving Memory of

UPDATED 9/24/2005

Reunion 1996

Submitted by Jeff Chasan
Al Garber and Jeff

Submitted by Jeff Chasan
Joan (Frisch) and Lou Little with Gloria Russo
the night before the reunion.

Group Shot
Submitted by Jeff Chasan

Submitted by Jeff Chasan 1996 Reunion
Seated: Warren Hechinger, Ernie Brodsky, Jeff Chasan
Standing: Ronnie Meringer, Joann Brodsky, Jeff's wife Carol

Seated: Richie Gise Kevin Farrell - Standing L to R: Doug Castoldi, Jerry Murphy & Richie Smith

Gail Shadwick, Mary Mennette, Sandy Sawart, Marilyn Lerner & Honey Murway

Jerry Murphy, Les Gross and Warren Hechinger

Margie Mennette and Maryanne Caulfield

Al Hoppe and his wife

Helene Doctoroff and Les Gross

John Algeri and Tom Workman - Tom was class of 1959 and is married to Marilyn Lerner from our class

Richie Smith and Jerry Murphy

Top: Honey Murway and her sister-in-law Arlene Cottrell (class of 62) Bottom: Carol DeGregorio, Dotty Dorsa, Margie

Marilyn Lerner

Betty Zeitler and Joan Frisch

Buzzy Testagrossa


Betty Zeitler and husband Pete Cummo

Carol DeGregorio, Dotty Dorsa & Margie Mennette

Maryanne Caulfield on far left, Margie Mennette, Joan Frisch and Marilyn Lerner on far right.

Elsie Schmidgall and Richie Gise

Mary Mennette and Gino Lynch