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Saturday Night

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Saturday LMHS Tour

Andrea Gilmore Brannelly, Neil Rose, Sandy Parrish DuVall, Ken Sitomer Submitted by Sandy Parrish DuVall

Frank Curtin, Stu Smith, Steve Weissman
submitted by Sandy Parrish DuVall

At the high school: Tom Tierney, Neil Rose, Gino Lynch, Pat Pandolfi, Ken Sitomer

Larry Carballo Gloria Russo Bill Gluck

Phil Smith on right with an old neighbor from another class Bob Touchton

Barbara Bockmann at the museum

At LMHS site - Steve Weissman, Barbara O'Connell, Richie Smith, Rheva Mason, Helene Doctoroff, Sue Amrhein, Iris Kogel, Tom Tierney, Celeste Vives, Edie Diener, Gloria Russo, Frank Curtin & Jerry Murphy

Same group plus Larry Carballo

Inside LMHS - Tom Tierney, Harvey Pearlstein, Neil Rose, Sandy Parrish, Pat Pandolfi, Ken Sitomer & Barbara Bockmann

Front row: Tom Tierney, Pat Pandolfi, Marcy McNally
 Back row: Neil Rose, Gino Lynch, Ken Sitomer

High school parking lot -Edie Diener

Edie Diener, Frank Curtin & Marcy McNally

Vic Sassone & his wife, Mary Ann

Left to right: Richie Smith, Steve Weissman(waving), Rheva Mason, Barbara O'Connell, Sue Amrhein, Gloria Russo

Helene Doctoroff

Jerry Murphy

Rheva Mason & Frank Curtin in red at right

Levittown original kitchen

Tom Tierney & Marcy Fall

Louise Denardo

Iris Kogel, Larry Carballo, Tom Tierney, Celeste Vives, Marcy McNally & Jerry Murphy

Marcy McNally & Bill Gluck (Larry Carballo in background)

Valerie and Joe Garofalo, Marcy McNally & Frank Curtin

Iris Kogel

Larry Carballo & Edie Diener layout badges

Edie Diener & Larry Carballo Decorating

Joe Garofalo

Stu Smith

Tom Tierney & Frank Curtin

Larry Carballo and Richie Smith