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Senior Prom 1961- Submitted by Buzzy Testagrossa

Submitted by Rona Selski LMHS Class 1965

Honey (Murway) and Tom Cottrell back in high school days
submitted by Suzanne Handwerker Anderson


Warren Hechinger and his love of the moment, Gino Lynch in back, Jerry and Irene Murphy on the right with Ernie and Sheilla Brodsky at that time and myself with my future wife Carol. This was in California, sometime in the eighties.
Submitted by Jeff Chasan.


Sept, 1958 Submitted by Barbara Steinman Bengels
From left to right: Ellen Kobrin, Kathleen Scotti-Reggio, me (formerly Barbara Steinman),
 Barbara Van Valen Elsherbini, with Grover Dale from the cast of West Side Story

June 1961 Graduation Day - Click on Each Picture Above to Enlarge
All four pictures submitted by Lois Christensen Bish

1958 Bottom of pyramid left to right: Janet Columbia, Carol Gibson, Jean Githens
Second row left to right: Pat Pandolfi, Lois Christensen
Top of pyramid Jolain Kiss
Standing left to right:Gayle Brinko, Pat Dunn, Kathy Ham
submitted by Lois Christensen Bish

Left to right: Lois Christensen Bish, Carol Gibson, Gayle Brinko, Kathy Ham 1958
Submitted bu Lois Christensen Bish

Maureen Pirhala 1961
submitted by Lois Christensen Bish

Bob Weybrecht, Maureen Pirhala 1961

Bob Weybrecht 1961

Christine Ianiello and her little sister on left
Lois Christensen on right
Easter Sunday 1961

1961 Andrew Wasniewski
Lois Christensen Bish in back seat
All pictures submitted by Lois Christensen Bish

The year was 1954. Jerry Murphy received this from his cousin.
He's in the third row, third kid on the right.
He recognizes Norm Ehrlich and Buddy Ebert but no one else.
The Little League team was Levittown Press. Does anyone see themselves?

Submitted by Joan Gale Wilson
Don't you just love "Big Frank Curtin"?

Modeling at Arnold Constables December 1960
Marilyn Rajovitch, Annabelle Quigg, Joan Gale, Grace Squance, Carol Lee Eckhardt, Helmi Shaw
Submitted by Joan Gale Wilso

Submitted by Joan Gale Wilson


Submitted by Bob Lent
1960-1961 LMHS basketball team
Kneeling (L-R): Doug Gibson, Phil Fazzino, Bob Lent, Joe Forte, Rich Kotler, Ron Emmrich
Standing (L-R): Coach Larry Desimone, Mike Lees, Rich Capria, Al Garber, Russ Mulroy, Steve Strauss, Jeff Chasan

Liz Sucher
Submitted by Steve Bitel

A trip down Memory Lane
Submitted by Jerry Murphy

Gerri(?), unknown, Sue Amrhein
8th grade pajama party
Both pictures submitted by Kathy Scottireggio

Sandy Parrish, Sandra Findlay, unknown, Kathy Scottireggio, Sue Amrhein
8th Grade pajama party

Eighth grade
Sandra Findlay, Gerri (?),Sue Amrhein, Kathleen Scottireggio
Submitted by Kathy Scottireggio

Same foursome
Submitted by Kathy Scottireggio

Sandra Findlay eighth grade
Submitted by Kathy Scottireggio

Les Gross 8th grade
Submitted by Kathy Scottireggio Armitage

This was probably 5th or 6th grade, Halloween party at my house. Not sure of anyone except Marilyn Rajkovich.

Submitted by Kathy Scottireggio.

Bill Schuck (Charminade HS), Kathy Scottiregio and Sandra Findlay
These four pictures were submitted by Kathy Scottireggio and were taken at a Christmas party at her house in eighth grade

Bill Schuck, Ron Emmrich, Sandra Findlay

Kathy Scottireggio (top left)
Sandra Findlay and Ron Emmrich

Sandra Findlay

Vicky Gabrysiak on the left
Submitted by Kathy Scottireggio Armitage

Sandra Findlay and I did a "celebrity" duet in eighth grade at Wisdom Lane. Don't remember the song, but do remember that I tripped on my way of the stage. Anything for a laugh.....
Submitted by Kathy Scottireggio Armitage

Just found a photo of myself & my 1st car dated January '62. It was a '53 Oldsmobile Dyna Drive in black I'd paid $125.00 for. It had a heater so powerful Murphy once said it was melting his socks off! It's when when my social life officially began & I could drive to CW Post instead of hitching. Note the varsity jacket ... very cool!
Submitted by Russ Mulroy

This was my most favorite car, a 1949 Studebaker in a putrid lime green. Hence the name "The Green Hornet". I bought it with all my own money, working at the lunch counter of the local 5 & 10 during my junior year in HS. The price...it was the luxury model...was $75!

Submitted by Sandra Findlay

Coming up on 50 years - Where did the time go?

Submitted by Steve Ross

Maddie Seidelle's birthday party 1961
Left to right bottom: Michele Axman, Ilene Tetenbaum, Sally Pittman, Sandy Parrish
Top row: Liz Sucher, Roberta Witlin, Pam Prince, Dottie Dumaresq LMHS 60, Maddie Seidelle
Submitted by Roberta Witlin Hirsh

Ilene Tetenbaum and Terry Beital on Roberta Witlin's front lawn
Submitted by Roberta Witlin Hirsh

Helene Doctoroff Erb with her father 1960

1959 Golf Team


Sandy Findlay tipped me off on the remarkable LMHS 61 website. It has been fun to go through it. Below is an email that I sent to Doug Gibson after digesting the website. If you want to use the photo, be my guest. Doug is top right. I can give you a complete caption, if you wish. Most of us eventually graduated from Division in 1960. Steve Patacher, a Memorial grad in 1960, is in the photo, top left.

Best wishes,
Frank Barning
Division Avenue 1960




Click on Picture to Enlarge


You may not have this photo. It is from the Division Avenue JV baseball team, 1958. I played first base and one of your throws gave me the worst bruise I ever experienced catching a ball. With that gun, did you ever turn to pitching?

Artie Kornfeld was a pitcher on that team. He was one of the creators of Woodstock. Google him and you might be amazed. He also wrote some hit songs.

I found your address and career info on the LMHS 1961 website. Congrats on a life in full.

Best wishes,
Frank Barning
Las Vegas, NV



It would be interesting to see if our classmates can identify some of the people in the photo Frank Barning was kind enough to send me. I don't know how many went on to LMHS.

Also, an interesting side note about Artie Kornfield. He was a pitcher who played Little League and Pony league with many of us. My recollection was that he was an excellent ball player.

My best Doug

Pat Pandolfi needs your help in identifying the people in this photo and when it took place. Because of the costumes, she's thinking a Halloween party she vaguely recalls at the house of Maddy Siedelle. I wondered if it might be the Senior Carnival. She has identified: back row Lto R ?.Dorothy Willner,?, Pat Pandolfi, ?, Joel Chesnov
front row: maybe Iris Kogel,?, Maddy Seidelle with flower,?,?

Can anyone out there fill in the blanks on some of these faces? Does anyone know for sure where this event took place? It's driving her crazy!

Merrily Nappi (Sanfino) with boyfriend (Now husband of 47 years) Jerry at Jones Beach in 1960.

Merrily Nappi (Sanfino) 1962


Marcy, Here's the pics I promised you. They were taken in 1962 Dayton Ohio, University of Dayton. sophomore year. In the house with myself, Bob Fallacara and Ron Emmrich. The other guys are in front, John Popovich (killed in Military Training Accident) and Steve Rafac (I was his best man). Oh yeah, the tall thin guy was me 46 years ago.
Jerry Murphy

Hi Marcy, I received this picture via e-mail from my daughter. I think it was taken in 1962 and shows my uncle with Bob McCarthy and I. My uncle lived north of the turnpike.
Kevin Kinnaly

Submitted by Toni Salometo
from the May 19,1961 Spotlight

This article on Barbara Steinman Bengals was submitted by Toni Salometo from the May 19, 1961 Spotlight. How interesting that she's still at Hofstra after all these years, not as a student, but as a teacher.

Submitted by Toni Salometo
from the May 19,1961 Spotlight
As many of you know, Jerry Murphy and Kevin Farrell are still avid golfers

Funny you should ask about a wedding photo. I was just looking at our album. Attached is a photo of Betty Zeitler, me, Tom and Best Man, John Campolettano (class of 59). I know Kathy is enjoying sending the pictures, as much as I am enjoying seeing them. I am not sure if I told you but one of the boys in the group party photo she sent was my brother Russell. He was in front of me and to the right. He is one that Kathy did not remember but my Mom verified it was Russ.

Thanks again for all your hard work keeping us all in touch and making our site such fun.


Honey Murway Cottrell
Submitted by Kathy LoMedico Polcari

Honey Murway Cottrell
Submitted by Kathy LoMedico Polcari

Richie Gise
Second row on left
Submitted by Kathy Lo Medico Polcari

Richie Gise
Submitted by Kathy LoMedico Polcari

Arlene Trimboli 1958
Submitted by Kathy LoMedico Polcari

Regina Kerr
Submitted by Kathy LoMedico Polcari
Do you remember how we would cut out newspaper words and decorate our pictures with them? That glue is still holding almost fifty years later!

Kathy's 11th birthday party 1954
Me kneeling down
Left to right: Not sure who the first boy is, but next is Regina Kerr, Betty Zietler, Al Hoppe, Maryann Burghoff (Class of 60), then Honey Murway.
In front of Honey, going right to left is Dennis Foley and Al Hoppe's brother Richard. Not sure who the other boys are. Submitted by Kathy LoMedico Polcari


Division Avenue baseball 8th grade 1957
Back row on left is Warren Hechinger
Anyone recognize any others?
Submitted by Kathy LoMedico Polcari

Senior Prom - 1960 Jim Greenleaf and Lorraine Cuomo
Submitted by Lorraine Cuomo Shibani

1959 Belmont Park Picnic - - - Arlene Trimboli & Ray O'Connell; Jimmy Greenleaf, Honey Flaherty; Joe Gesmundo; Billy Fick; ? Can't remember the two to the right . The gal in front of Jim is Kathy LoMedico. Most are class of 1960

Submitted by Lorraine Cuomo Shibani

Lorraine Cuomo Shibani
7th Grade Wisdom Lane 1955 12 years old
Submitted by Loraine

Betty Csontos 7th grade Wisdom Lane
1955 - 12 years old

Lorraine Cuomo & Betty Csontos -
1956 - 13 yrs. old - Wisdom Lane - 8th Grade
Submitted by Lorraine Cuomo Shibani

Louise DeNardo Cassano on Lorraine Cuomo's parents boat. Summer after graduation - 1962
Submitted by Lorraine Cuomo Shibani

Lorraine Cuomo's Wedding to Joe Schibani - June 1963. Far upper right - Carol Manning Delprete; Third in from upper right - Louise DeNardo Cassano.
Submitted by Lorraine Cuomo Shibani

Jr. Prom -2/27/60 - Joe Gesmundo & Betty Csontos; John Laudani & ?; Lorraine Cuomo & Jimmy Greenleaf; Lorraine DeVito & Billy Fick
Submitted by Lorraine Cuomo Shibani

Betty Csontos just before Jr. Prom at Beach Party - Feb., 1960
Submitted by Lorraine Cuomo Shiban

Hi Marcy,

At last, the photos. Sorry for the delay, but I decided not to go to the New Paltz reunion because the only person whose name I recognized at this year's reunion was at the reunion with me last year. Apologies for not calling and telling you beforehand.

The 1st photo is the National Honor Society Induction Ceremony in the autumn of the '58-'59 school year. The second is the same picture, but with my attempts to identify every one I recognized or who noted that they were N.H.S. members in their autobiogs in the '61 yearbook : Michelle Axman, Carol Lee Ekhardt, Louise De Nardo, Patricia Lipp, Steve Ross, Arlene Samet, Barbara Steinman, Elizabeth Sucher, Irene Tetenbaum. In the chorus, I spotted Maxine Broad and maybe Maria Claps. Recognized faculty: Mrs. Robillard and Charles Jacobs, the Principal.

The color snapshot is of Richard Broder's inauguration into the Order of the Arrow at Camp Wauwepex in August '57. Please ask him if it's okay to put it on the website.

About the picture of Steve Weisman and me 'rowing' a boat, I remember that the boat was tied to the dock (at Belmont Lake State Park ?) because neither of our parents wanted us to leave shore .

Best regards,

Jeff Katz

Toni Salometo and Michele Axman
submitted by Barbara Bockmann

The color snapshot is of Richard Broder's inauguration into the Order of the Arrow at Camp Wauwepex in August '57. Please ask him if it's okay to put it on the website. Click to Enlarge

About the picture of Steve Weisman and me 'rowing' a boat, I remember that the boat was tied to the dock (at Belmont Lake State Park ?) because neither of our parents wanted us to leave shore .

Best regards,

Jeff Katz

Left to right: Maria Claps, two unknown girls in huddle, Jane Aste sideways, Nancy Ryen, Marjorie Sussman peeking head out, Sally Pittman, Toni Salometo
Submitted by Barbara Bockmann

Left to right: Barbara Bockmann Ippolito, Carol Lutz Smemoe, Carol Anchor Zachman, Marcy McNally Fall
Submitted by Barbara Bockmann

Dance Class
Submitted by Pat Pandolfi Cox

Definitely Click on this to view full size.
 Thanks to Mary Yancey (Pike) for saving this all these years!

Marcy.....I was cruising when you sent the Email about Al Chase. What a sad story. I have been looking for Al for 7 years. Asked people who knew him and never got any feedback. I really feel cheated in not having a chance to tell him the impact he had on my decisions thru life.
In case you don't have one here is a picture with Al on the left. I'm #12 Later.........Tony Moors

Prom photo of Steve Weissman and Laura Allen

Left to right: Steve Weissman, Laura Allen Lally, Artie Clark, Gloria Russo Keys at senior prom
Submitted by Laura Allen Lally

This is from (I think) a sorority picnic. I hope I'm correct on the names. Left of bench kneeling is Evelyn Aloisio. I'm behind the bench but don't know who's next to me on the right. Standing behind bench left to right : Diana Genna, Jo Signorelli, Marilyn Rajkovich, ?,?, Irene Zarck, Gloria Russo, Helene Doctoroff
Back row: Nancy Ryen, Barbara Rome, ?
Submitted by Laura Allen Lally

These gypsies are from a dance class. I recognize Roni Cojac, Iris Kogel, Nancy Ryen, maybe Debbie Miller and Michelle Axman. I think the girls in the first row were one year younger than us,
Submitted by Laura Allen Lally

L-R: Debby Miller Isaacs, Carolyn Calder Bensh, (Chickie) Lee Goldberg Dennis, Joan Perrin Reich
September 1959 East Meadow: Chickie Goldberg's Sweet Sixteen - Submitted by Chickie

DALLOW INSURANCE PONY LEAGUE TEAM (not sure if it's 1959 or 1960)
Back Row: Mgr. Defreytas, S.Hudson, Frank Pulice('62), D Magrade,B.Friedman, Joel DeFraytas('62), Coach Shaw
Middle Row: T.Witticar, George Nelson('62), Bill Leitner('61), Bob Gendler('62), R.Endy, Phil Fazzino('62)
Front Row: Coach Strauss, C.Boyle, Steve Strauss('61), Rich Kotler('61), Ken Marcus('61),Coach Magrade
Contributed by Ken Marcus

Jonas Salk football team 1958
Jeff Katz is behind number 10 on the left. The others? Both Pictures submitted by Jeff Katz.

1958 Division Avenue School
Submitted by Sandra Findlay
Nice saddle shoes Sandra!

Jeff Katz (with hat) and Steve Weissman. Thanks so much for posting the picture. 1955 would make me 12...about the time I moved from Bellerose to the Island. My best guess that the picture was taken in a boat! (I have always been slightly sarcastic!!). Other than that I would have no idea.
The following four photos were submitted by Pat Pandolfi (Cox)

Graduation Day June.1961
Pat Pandolfi Cox, Pat Clancy, Jeanette Kozlick

Same group with the caps!

Confirmation Day at Saint Bernard's in Levittown
October 12,1954
Pat Pandolfi and Mary Ann Czerw

The Pandolfi family Easter Sunday 1967
Pat's in the center in pink
Submitted by Pat with the following comment:
Now Sandy Findlay won't be the only one with an Easter family picture on the website!

Photo taken October 1, 1960 of the G.O. "Teamwork for Spirit" committee. I don't remember our goal but our meetings were fun!
L-R: Larry Carballo, Gene McDermott, Susan Amrhein, Joel Defreytas, Helene Doctoroff, Bob Fallacara & Russ Mulroy.
Submitted  by Russ Mulroy

Levittown Tribune 1961 - Submitted by Russ Mulroy

Maddy Lennox and Maryanne Caulfield
Sports Night - It was in the spring of 1961 since we graduated then. But as for the real date I don't remember.
I know the black team lost by 4 points.
But it was a great night. All the girls worked so hard at it.
Wonder why Ilene and I are the only ones smiling. haha
Both pictures above submitted by Sandy Parrish DuVall

Jerry Murphy and sister Fran (LMHS 57)

Front: Pat Pandolfi, Carol Anchor
Rear: Carol Lutz, Marcy McNally
in 1958
Submitted by Pat Pandolfi Cox

Standing far right Tony Moors next to Lillian Caparell
Below Tony is his roommate at Chesire and his date Susan Amrhein.
Submitted by Tony Moors - 1961

Tony Moors and Lillian Caparell 1961
Submitted by Tony Moors

The picture is Clem and me at my grandparents farm in the winter of '63 when we were going to Nassau Community College.  I had my wrestling hair cut and I think we were just dating.  No thought of getting married.  Little did I know. 
Tony Moors - LMHS Class of 1960

While I was searching for the third grade picture from Abbey Lane with Lois and myself, I found this high school picture of my band the Kingsmen. The other two guys were from the class of 1960. The fellow in the middle used the name "Tony D". I dont remember the other guitar player. The drummer was little ol me. I am still looking for the third grade picture.
Joel Chesnoff

Jo Signorelli's Sweet Sixteen party taken in 1959 at the Sunrise Village Restaurant. Submitted by Gloria de Lama. The names were not labeled so I need help on some of the faces to fill in the blanks.
   Back row: Dennis Foley, Bob Carlo, Richie Kaplan, Al Garber, Al Hoppe, Jerry Murphy, Joe Forte, unknown male (Jo's father?), Bob Clemens.
   Second row: Ernie Brodsky, Dwight Stone, unknown male, Joe Fallacara, Barbara Rome, Warren Hechinger, Gloria de Lama, Norm Ehrlich, Vivian Saltzman, unknown male, Eileen Wolff, Nancy Ryen, Bobbi Thomsen, unknown male.
   Seated: Evelyn Aloisio, Marilyn Rajkovich, unknown female, unknown female, Jo Signorelli, Diana Genna, Irene Zarck, Gail Kaplan, Ann Marie Adamec, Maryanne Caulfield, Gloria Russo.

Senior Trip - Diana Genna, Dennis Foley, Gloria DeLama, Al Hoppe.
Picture submitted by Gloria DeLama

Washington Senior Trip - Contributed by Gloria de Lama Sciole
Left to right: Andrea Gilmore, Celeste Vives, Gloria de Lama, Dennis Foley, Diana Genna, unknown female (Carol James?), unknown male (Steve Weissman?), Carol Lee Eckhart, Barbara O'Connell - Can anyone help on the two unknowns?

Easter 1961..My parents gave the 3 of us 2 baby ducklings each with our Easter Baskets. Brother & sister quickly lost interest, so I ended up caring for all 6 of them. Photo is in our Levittown backyard. It was a hot day, so I put them under the sprinkler. Soon after, they really got to be too much to care for and I took them to Lollipop Farm Petting Zoo in Syosset. Have a good weekend. Sandra Findlay


Carl Hoppls 1961 - Seated left to right: Nancy Ryen, Kathy Munson
Standing Unknown on left, Warren Hechinger on right.
Does anyone recognize the unknown male?
Submitted by Warren Hechinger (Left-Click to Enlarge)

Looks like a guy named Paul Tully in the latest photo on Way We Were. Lived in Levittown near Doug Gibson but attended Chaminade. From Russ Mulroy

It is Paul. He graduated and became an attorney for the Democratic National Party and worked under Bill Clinton.  He passed away in 1992. From Tom Tierney

Summer of 1960 Sunken Meadow State Park
Seated at table:Walter Yerkes (underclassman), Jerry Murphy, Kevin Farrell
Sitting on table:Mickey Sergi
Standing: John Carey, April Haglund
Submitted by Jerry Murphy

Iris Kogel's seventeenth birthday at Carl Hoppls in Westbury.
Gino Lynch and date Mary Stewart from Huntington
I'm on the right with Mel Moss (class of 60).
Submitted by Iris Kogel Chapman

Gino's response to this photo:

Hey, hey Marcy, The story behind the photo of Iris and Mel, me and my date Mary was that Mel and I had spent every cent we had to pay for the bill. We didn't have a penny for the tip. Mary my date, couldn't see the wall in front of her with out her glasses so she is trying to see the photographer. Mel is worried on how we were going to get out of the place. Couldn't tell you what Iris was thinking but I had a good time.

Talk to you later. Gino

Left-Click on the above pictures to enlarge

Wisdom Lane Girl Scouts 1955 - Seated L-R...Barbara Koch, Sandra Findlay, Margaret Hamilton, Jill Gibbons?, Margaret Findlay (Sandy's mom), Helene Doctoroff, Toby Wolf, Donna Henderson. Standing-?can't remember, Marcia Carmody?
Submitted by Sandy Findlay

ame Girl Scout crew plus Carol Stagg with me on the fender. My Mom was taking the photo. Sandra

Washington Trip - Left to Right: Audrey Petit, Betty Csontos, Cassie Frenzelas, Ann Marie Brown (?), Andrea Gilmore, Celeste Vives - Submitted by Celeste Vives Holden

First row kneeling left to right:Tony Campanaro, Mark Matthews,Ken Sitomer, Artie Cacaro, John McNamara, Joel Defreytus, Randy Burgner, Ronnie Edney, Richie Madri, Phil Campanaro, Ken Marcus
Second Row:Mr, Nick Balitsos (head coach), Ronnie Emmrich, Warren Hechinger, Ronnie Johnson, Bob Gendler, Dick Beekman, Irwin Sternberg, Al Robillard, George Bantleon, Richie Smith
Third Row: Artie Clark, Bob Weybrecht, Gino Lynch, Frank Curtin, Lew DeWeese, Bob Fade, Phil Fazzino, Chuck Kincaid, Gene McDermott, Mr. Al Chase (Coach)
Football Team - Picture submitted by Gloria Russo Key

1955 Red Devils Team

Submitted by Warren Hechinger

Left-click picture to enlarge.

Senior Class Trip to Washington DC - April 1961
Left to right: Ron Emmrich, Lew DeWeese, Randy Burgner, unknown, Bill Smith, Warren Hechinger, Dick Beekman
Can anyone help on the unknown face?
Submitted by Warren Hechinger

I believe the unidentified person in the photo is Hugh O'Donnell's son, who may've been a junior that year( I think he attended a Catholic high school) . Did he perhaps accompany his dad on your senior trip?

Jeff Katz

Front row kneeling:extreme left Dan Dill(number 6) two over from Dan is Joe Forte, Bobby McMichael, Franny Kolb, Skippy Orr (Player next to Dan Dill is unknown)

Middle row second from left Warren Hechinger

Back row left to right:Jack McDonald, Ben Stark, Joe kelly, Harmon Cohen, number 9 unknown, last one on right Barry McMichael
Photo taken in 1950- Submitted by Warren Hechinger


Hank Burnor and Sandy at 1961 prom. They were not dates. Just posing for the camera.
Submitted by Sandy Parrish

Warren Hechinger, Eileen Wolff, Barbara Rehak and Ron Emmrich
 at the junior prom. Contributed by Warren Hechinger

Bottom left to right: Diana Genna, Pat Lipp
Top left to right: Roni Cojac, Ilene Tetenbaum, Debbie Miller
Remember those gymsuits?
Left-click picture to enlarge.

Miami Beach 1948
"Stud Muffin" and older woman. Who is it?
Send an email to him.

Junior Prom Queen Jo Signorelli & Her Court: Ellen Kappy, Diana Genna, Lillian Caparell, Laura Allen, Nancy Ryen, Claudia Byrd, Gloria Russo & Eileen Wolff. (Left-click to enlarge)

1960 JV Cheerleaders  (Left-click to enlarge)

1960 Bob Clement & Ellen Kappy

Annabelle Quigg

Jo Signorelli & Claudia Bird

1960 - Dee Gross, Al Garber & Sandy Parish w/ Mr. Blinderman

Bob Fallacara and Roni Cojac. Please note that the 60 yearbook spells Roni's name with two n's. the correct way is one N only- Roni. Thanks

Picture from Jerry Murphy Senior Class Trip Washington DC (Left-click to enlarge)


Photo sent by Pat Pandolfi Cox - Seated left to right: Pat Pandolfi, Ginny Faul, Audrey Pettit & Jean Pandolfi
On shoulders: Eileen Hunt, Marcy McNally, ?

Sunday morning in Sandy Findlay's Levittown backyard. Sandy is on the left.

Betty Csontos & Carol Renner  9th grade
- in front of Jonas Salk Jr. High School -(1957?)

Louise DeNardo - Easter Sunday 1956
St. James Church - (the old chicken coop)

Lorraine Cuomo - 10th grade typing class
Levittown Memorial HS

Susan Amrhein & Sandy Findlay


Party for the WT Grant Employees 1961. Classmate Betty Csontos is on the far left. Seated next to her is Honey's mother. Second one on the right (head peeking out) is Honey. Standing are two other 61 grads Ginnie Faul second one on left Maryann Caulfield on far right. Submitted by Honey Murway Cottrell.

Picture from Joe Oley
Joe Oley and Ardy Clay at Nunley's Oct. 31,1961
Ardy and Joe just got married in May 2005 after breaking up more than forty years ago!

Graduation Day 1961 - Lois Christensen, Janet Columbia and Gayle Brinko

December 23, 1967 - Wedding of Lee (Chickie) Goldberg. Her two bridesmaids are 61 classmates Carolyn Calder on left Debbie Miller on right.

Helene Doctoroff at Girl Scout Camp Edey 1954

1961 Washington Monument
Lois Christensen and son of Mr. O'Donnell 

April 4, 1961 - Sent by Lois Christensen
Left to right:Gayle Brinko, Janet Columbia, Judy Miner, Lois Christensen

April 1961 - Left to right: Diane Halpin, Jane Donvan, Louise DeNardo, Rose Antigiovanni

Andrew Wasniewski 1962

Arlene Brambora in front of Lois Christensen's first car

Left to right: Gayle Brinko, Judy Miner, Janet Columbia 1961

Return Trip from Washington on train
Dennis Foley and Dianna Genna

Leaving Washington

Washington DC 1961 - Diana Genna and Dennis Foley leaving steps of Congress.

Helene Doctoroff at the Cafeteria Jukebox

1954 Levittown press team. Back row is me and Buddy Ebert. Middle row is John Picarelli my cousin. Front row is Norm Erlich. The rest I know the faces but not the names. Submitted by Jerry  Murphy.